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2016                                                                                                             World   


Oireachtas Rince Na Cruinne showcases the best Irish Dancing on the planet! Dancers will travel from all over the world with their families and teachers to compete for the top positions at the most prestigious competition of the year. In 2015, MHG was fortunate to win 4 World Championship titles - including being crowned World Champions in both Minor Ceili and Junior Figure.

We wish the 40+ dancers from MHG traveling to Glasgow the best of luck. This year, MHG will be debuting their new Dance Drama - The Ryanair Generation. The drama is a satirical and comedic look at the no-frills airline founded by Irishman Michael O'Leary.

Dance Drama is a new venture for MHG. After winning World Championship titles in solos (both male and female), ceili, and figure choreography ... the only title not won has been in Dance Drama. We hope the dance drama "takes-off" and "lands" a world title for MHG.

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